More Confused than a Dolphin in a Cabbage Patch

On this dark, cold morning, Husband and I awoke at the ungodly hour of 5:45am to go vote. We had seen stories yesterday of 7-hour lines in Ohio and Florida, and feared an… Continue reading


Originally posted on This Ruthless World:
Back when my family was still living in Moscow, in the last waning days of the Soviet regime, my mother would take a tram car to work…

Food For Thought

Boys and girls, sex can kill you. There, it is. That nasty, horrible, foul-tasting nugget of truth. Now chew on that for a minute. Just so you know, I’m not trying to pull… Continue reading

The Pits Of Petitions

I sign a lot of petitions, most recently for things like fighting human rights abuses in Syria, preventing the Keystone pipeline, and calling for the removal of Monsanto’s lobbyist as the senior advisor… Continue reading

Picking The Wrong Side

***There is a petition at the end of this calling for the sacking of Liz Trotter from Fox News. If you don’t want to read my blog first, please at least skip to… Continue reading

History Evades Us Again?

Recently, I’ve been having political conversations with my friends that often start incredulously with “Does no one seriously remember when ___ happened?” The blank is often filled in with some politician’s name referenced… Continue reading

I scream. You scream. We all scream…

…But do they listen? I recently started a petition on to stop mobile phone companies from double-dipping on minute and message usages.  Signing this petition sends my letter to the phone companies and tells… Continue reading

Thesis Report #6: Coffee and Ethnic Divides

I’m jazzed on caffeine and just about to pop out my next 2.000 words on this bad boy.  Not promising greatness, though the caffeine really, really wants me to.  Today’s goals:  Partition theory,… Continue reading

Thesis Report #5: The Kids are Alright

I’m about to dive into the cuddly topic of human rights abuses, and believe it or not, I’m actually a tad trepidatious about the process of my case selection.  It seemed so clear… Continue reading

Thesis Report #4: 21 Steps to an Awesome Thesis (updated)

#1:  Load and organize 1 (one) comically oversized table with necessary and unnecessary office supplies.#2:  Brainstorm new topic (preferably with the help of an awesome mommy) because old one was too “ambitious”.#3:  Commit… Continue reading