Rotten Tomatoes: TN Senate Says "No ‘Gay’ or ‘Homosexuality’ " in Schools.

My good friend Ashley posted this link on her FB page to a blog post by Kevin Farrell on the entertainingly named  The post is about the recent passing of the “Don’t Say ‘Gay’ ” law by the Tennessee Senate.  (Here is the link to the article in the site.)  

The bill, should it be made law in Tennessee, will make it illegal to discuss homosexuality in Kindergarten through 8th grade.  Farrell alludes to the potential severity of making it illegal for schools to be able to discuss homosexuality with kids who are going through puberty, especially if these children are confused or scared by what they’re feeling or if they’re already being singled out for being gay or for even being perceived as gay, as he says he was.

If you’re interested in taking action to stand up for the rights of children who may become the victims of this action, here are the people to contact:

Tennessee senate page (there are links to all the senators’ pages here):
-Senator Stacey Campfield – The originator of the “Don’t Say ‘Gay’ ” bill
-Senator Jim Tracy – The senator who contended that homosexuality was being discussed in classrooms
-Senator Brian Kelsey – The senator who put forth the change to the Tracy amendment to make it illegal to discuss homosexuality in schools

-Tennessee House Speaker Beth Harwell.  (There are also links to other representatives on this page.  You do NOT have to be a constituent of representatives outside of your state to share your opinion with them.)

If you prefer, feel free to copy and paste this message into an e-mail to these legislators, or write your own and let them know how you feel:

Dear Senator/Representative XXX:

I am deeply concerned and angered by the recent passing of measure SB49 in the Tennessee Senate.  A measure such as this is both dangerous and misleading to the public, and it puts at risk the people we have the responsibility to protect the most – our children.  By banning teachers, administrators and counselors from even discussing homosexuality with children, you set the stage for life-altering and potentially life-threatening repercussions.  A child who is in the midst of puberty and is confused about his or her feelings for the same sex, but is afraid to confide in family adults may not have any other options outside of the school counselor.  It is the counselor’s job to help the children under their care, and by taking away their ability to discuss a concern a child may have over being homosexual, you are preventing them from being able to do their jobs effectively.  Children with no one to turn to may become violent, depressed and even suicidal.  What is worse, children who are singled out for being or being perceived as gay will have no authority in their corner. 

The only thing this measure serves to do is promote the current and unacceptable standard of hatred and bigotry in our society.  “Family planning” does not mean ignoring the rights of 12% of the population, and banning the discussion of homosexuality does not mean you are promoting the rights of the other 88%.  If you want to educate children, teaching them that someone is different and therefore undeserving of equal rights and protection under the law is not the way.  I encourage you to please rethink your actions, and if you have not yet voted on this measure, I sincerely hope you will vote “no”.

Thank you for your time.