The Big Apple Big Mouth

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I have long believed that character assassination is a technique of those who don’t have anything nice (or intelligent) to say, but don’t know how to not say anything at all.  Seeing as how people don’t often take upon themselves to tell multi-billionaires to “shut up”, Donald Trump quite clearly is one of those people.  The man has set his sights on the presidency, and has paid close enough attention to the political game that he has learned rule one of how to best a rival who is smarter than you: Question his legitimacy based on things that have little or nothing to do with his legitimacy.  

Barack Obama’s birth record being called into question is one thing. Admittedly, this is an aspect of his legitimacy in office, but according to Trump, there is apparently no reason to believe that the vetting system for the most powerful office in the world is accurate.  But clearly, questioning Obama’s birth record is not enough to show that he is incapable of the staggering awesomeness that would be the Trump Administration.  No.  Donald needs to go for the jugular.  And what would show America that their president isn’t fit to lead them better than proving his mediocrity?

Apparently, Donald’s using the “keep throwing accusations until one sticks” approach.  Before the “birther” issue loses steam, Donald wants to be ready with his next attack – Obama’s education.  Because admitting to not being the strongest student and then working your way to graduating from the Harvard Law School magna cum laude isn’t even close to the American dream.

I can see the news stories now:

WASHINGTON, D.C., President Trump cancelled a meeting with Russian officials today, declaring he hadn’t had enough time to finish inquiries into the validity of President Putin’s hunting license.  In a memo released yesterday, President The Donald said, “The man claims to be an avid hunter who’s killed at least one of everything in his home country and even some animals abroad.  If this is true, he should have the proof to back up that he’s legal to do this.  If not, I question his ability to be president of his own country.”  Press Secretary Brett Michaels elaborated on President Trump’s comments yesterday, stating that “Though every rose has it’s thorn, this is not just an attempt on the part of the president to single out Mr. Putin.  President Trump is very concerned about the backgrounds of all leaders and, come hell or high water, he won’t give up an inch and has vowed to sacrifice to make sure that each and every leader in the world is truly worthy of the positions he or she holds.  I, for one, want action… on the issue.”