Live Action’s Bitter Fruit

If you’re at all familiar with Cristina Rad (AKA ZOMGitsCriss), you’ll immediately recognize the beautifully accented, snarky comments that are about to follow.  Cristina is about as outspoken as one gets, and is one of my favourite dissenters against the establishment of the über-religious.  Below is one of her videos where she addresses point-by-point a Live Action commercial attacking Planned Parenthood.

Now, please understand that I recognize the sensitivity of the issue of abortion.  This is not an attempt on my part to say that people do not have the right to feel strongly against abortion.  However, because this is such a sensitive issue, I feel it is important that both sides fully understand a few things:

1. Pro-choice is not anti-life.  Pro-life, however, is anti-choice.

2. If you count yourself as being pro-life but feel that there are circumstances under which a woman can choose to have an abortion (i.e., rape, incest, threat to mother’s life – the usual), you are pro-choice.  There is no shame in this.

3. What are the first kinds of groups you think of when you think of people who deny  rights to others on the basis of belief? 
Because if you feel that having an abortion goes against God or some other great power, please bear this in mind:  You may think you are being pro-human rights, but forcing someone to live their life on the basis of your beliefs is denying them their rights to personal liberty, freedom of religion and potentially their right to life.

4. If defunding Planned Parenthood is the best option, what do you propose should replace it?
More women and men than you know rely on Planned Parenthood’s services.  There are few other service providers like it in the States where women especially can go to receive the special medical attention we need for family planning, cervical and breast cancer prevention, pregnancy check-ups and post-natal care.  On a personal note, since I have no medical insurance, and specialists are particularly expensive, Planned Parenthood is my only option for gynecological and family planning services when I’m in the States, and I have used them many times.

Now Cristina’s take: