The Grapevine – May 1-12

Technology, for all its frustrations, can be a remarkable tool for fighting the powers that be.  Organizations in the States and abroad can now reach far greater numbers of people much more easily and with less detriment to the environment.  Also, they make it super easy for those of us who, like me, want to join in, but are either too lazy or too busy to pen a letter or e-mail.  (What?  It happens.  Shut up.)  The following is a list of the actions I have taken so far this month, literally with a click or two.  I am often participating in these kinds of petitions and letter-writing campaigns, so I’d like to make lists like this one a regular thing.

Hopefully, if you’re interested in making your voice heard but don’t know where to go, maybe this can be a point of inspiration: or call or e-mail your Senator.  Better yet, why not pester Chris Smith directly? (He’s the idiot Rep. from New Jersey who authored this piece of tripe.)

Photo Credit: KeepYourBoehnerOutOfMyUterus

Support some strong women!

Five years ago, a group of women protesting in San Salvador Atenco, Mexico were rounded up by police, detained, raped and beaten.  The offenders have never been prosecuted, but now, for the first time, the Attorney General is a woman, and she may finally be the one to stand up to the system.  Click on this Amnesty International link to petition Marisela Morales and the Mexican government to bring these men to justice!

Photo Credit: Amnesty International

Give the Syrian elite Hell

And for those of you who are unsure of what’s going on there, here’s a great interview article for reference.

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Make Boehner back off Medicare

Seriously, this guy just has it in for us, I swear.

Help bring our troops home
There’s a compelling argument on this CREDO page for ending operations in Afghanistan.  Here’s another from MoveOn.  We owe it to our troops.

‘Toon Credit:  Mike Luckovich

Your voice makes a difference!
It’s because of petitions like this that CUNY has reversed its decision on Tony Kushner’s honorary degree.  Even still, the Jewish Voice for Peace site is absolutely worth checking out.

Tony Kushner