Thesis Report #6: Coffee and Ethnic Divides

I’m jazzed on caffeine and just about to pop out my next 2.000 words on this bad boy.  Not promising greatness, though the caffeine really, really wants me to.  Today’s goals:  Partition theory, listing quotes, reading.  Maybe I’ll even throw in a dash of civil war theory to sweeten the deal.  A little greed and grievances always goes a long way.

Part of the ‘reading’ goal is Warren Zimmerman’s memoir Origins of a Catastrophe.  Zimmerman was the last ambassador to Yugoslavia, and was a brilliantly outspoken critic of the Milošević regime.  I highly recommend the book (or at least the first three chapters, since that’s all I’ve gotten through so far) to anyone with an interest in the Balkans.  He’s pointed and critical, but almost never derisive.  (Unless he’s talking about the aforementioned war criminal, and even then he still manages a few niceties here and there.)

Still debating on case studies, though leaning heavily towards the “before and after” approach.  Case 1: Kosovo 1993-ish to 1998-ish (just before the conflict), and Case 2: Kosovo 1999-ish to 2005-ish (just after the conflict and partitioning of the area from Serbia).

Last randomness:  Anyone see “The Whistleblower”?  It’s the new one with Rachel Weiss.  I haven’t seen it yet, but damned if it isn’t right up my alley.