The Pits Of Petitions

I sign a lot of petitions, most recently for things like fighting human rights abuses in Syria, preventing the Keystone pipeline, and calling for the removal of Monsanto’s lobbyist as the senior advisor to the FDA commissioner.

I also sign a lot of petitions for things like giving equal rights to homosexuals, allowing teachers to say words like “gay” and “homosexual” in Tennessee, and allowing congresspeople to say the word “uterus” on the floor.

(Seriously? Why am I fighting for people to be allowed to say “uterus”?)

So, here’s a small list of other petitions I’ve had to sign with my mouth agape in the hopes that you will join forces with me and thousands of others who feel these issues really shouldn’t have to be issues. (Click on the pictures to get the back stories):

Show your support for left-wing, commie lesbians and their protégés

Thank you Daily Kos

Tell the government and the rest of the world that Americans aren’t morons

Thank you

Are we seriously considering another war?!

Thank you

WhyWhy? Just Why??? (Yes, that’s three different petitions.)

Thank you Planned Parenthood

And for anyone with a cause, & are organizations that will host your petitions and teach you how to make the most of your cause.

Now go get ’em!