A Letter to Tom MacMaster (AKA A Gay Girl in Damascus)

*Info about this story below. Dear Mr. MacMaster, I’m not sure what to think of all this. I haven’t been following your blog, but I did see the news stories about Amina’s abduction,… Continue reading

The O’Reilly Fracture

A friend of a friend recently posted this part one of a two-part interview with Jon Stewart on the O’Reilly Factor: Here was my response: “I’ll be honest – and please know before… Continue reading

Want, want…

From EcoFriendly Mag.com

The Grapevine – May 1-12

Technology, for all its frustrations, can be a remarkable tool for fighting the powers that be.  Organizations in the States and abroad can now reach far greater numbers of people much more easily… Continue reading

Rotten Tomatoes II-It’s OK to be Takei!

In my post on April 24th titled “Rotten Tomatoes:  TN Senate Says “No ‘Gay’ or ‘Homosexuality’ ” in Schools” (tomatoes are the Tennessee state fruit), I discussed the intention of the Tennessee Congress… Continue reading

Thesis Report #3: Buh.

I’m bored. Don’t get me wrong.  I have plenty to do.  I just can’t bring myself to accomplish anything right now. I’m actually starting to wonder if I don’t have some kind of… Continue reading

More Things I Want


Guess What Else I Want (AKA, Things I’m Doing When I Should Be Doing School Work)

Thank you for this, Allie Brosh. It’s like she’s speaking directly to me.

Thesis Report #2: Blue Helmets vs. Blau Grana

I’m presently trying to find the happy balance between focusing on my studies and enjoying the culture of Barcelona.  At the moment, Minustah is failing in its 2006 mission in Haiti, and FC… Continue reading

America’s New Hot Potato

If dissent were currency, yesterday might have been the end to the economic crisis in the States.  Now I offer my two cents: As an American and fellow human being, I found myself… Continue reading