Live Action’s Bitter Fruit

If you’re at all familiar with Cristina Rad (AKA ZOMGitsCriss), you’ll immediately recognize the beautifully accented, snarky comments that are about to follow.  Cristina is about as outspoken as one gets, and is… Continue reading

The Big Apple Big Mouth

Image courtesy of I have long believed that character assassination is a technique of those who don’t have anything nice (or intelligent) to say, but don’t know how to not say anything… Continue reading

Thesis Report #1: The Master’s of My Domain

If you’ve read my profile, you now know both that I am a student and that I make poor-taste jokes about debilitating mental illnesses.  This post is about the former. Here’s the rundown:… Continue reading

My genius moment of the day.

Rotten Tomatoes: TN Senate Says "No ‘Gay’ or ‘Homosexuality’ " in Schools.

My good friend Ashley posted this link on her FB page to a blog post by Kevin Farrell on the entertainingly named  The post is about the recent passing of the “Don’t Say ‘Gay’… Continue reading

Doin’ the New Digs Tango

I have a breakfast nook! Due to a series of unfortunate events (not the least of which was finding out I was paying for half the rent of my roommate’s 3-bedroom, 4-person apartment),… Continue reading

Guess What I Want.

Strange Fruit

It’s with an almost disturbing frequency that throughout my life I’ve been referred to as a “freak”.  Today, I’m happy to report that this no longer bothers me.  I’ve learned that my freakiness… Continue reading

Blog, bloggity, blog, blog, blog

As I’m quickly losing interest in Facebook (“The place for friends”), and as I vehemently refuse to join Twitter (The place for twits), other, more interest-specific sites have been rapidly garnering my attention.… Continue reading